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lara m. tacito

Lara is the ultimate customer champion. She has worked with major brands known for their exceptional customer service and satisfaction where she led digital initiatives dedicated to creating simple and frictionless experiences.

With a variety of skills focused in experience design and digital content strategy she can create business solutions and uncover opportunities while continuing to advocate for the customer's needs.

She has a Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics from Lehigh University and currently lives in Cambridge, MA.

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1} understand

gather information, conduct research, review competitive and industry benchmarks

  • what is the goal? why are we doing it?
  • who will use it? who will maintain it?

2} make a game plan

scheduling, tasks, all that good stuff

  • what do we need to get started? are there any dependencies?
  • how much time do we have?

3} dive in

sketch, prototype, get into the details, start addressing pros/cons and seek user feedback

  • what are the options/concepts?
  • where are customers running into issues?

4} rinse and repeat

validate, adjust, feedback, iterate, etc.

  • how can we continue to improve?
  • what is the process and standards/guidelines to maintain it?


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  • digital content + communication
  • creative direction + branding
  • design thinking
  • social media
  • SEO
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  • interaction + experience
  • information architecture
  • user testing
  • visual design
  • wireframes
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  • content management
  • small business
  • responsive web
  • agile + iterative
  • prototyping